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-Since 2009,

PARKER'S SAFES AND VAULTS stocks the best gun safe and vault door brands on the market today. We're a Veteran-owned, family-run, business. Our product lines include,  GRAFFUNDER, AMERICAN SECURITY, ISM, RHINO, PELLA, GARDALL, OLD GLORY, HAYMAN and more... We're located about an hour southeast of Nashville.

We offer in house delivery and installation and NATIONWIDE SHIPPING. 

[email protected]

164 Cessna Lane

Shelbyville, TN 37160




Graffunder, AMSEC, ISM Magen Goldman, Rhino, Pella, Hayman, Gardall, and more!

GRAFFUNDER SAFES - Yakima, Washington

We're an authorized dealer for the famous GRAFFUNDER safes. These safes and vault doors are the Rolls Royce of the safe world. They're heavy and meticulously built to demanding tolerances. With weights in the 2000 lb+ range, these are usually only installed on a concrete or heavily reinforced floor. These are not your big box store safe. These are serious safes. If you're looking for THE safe, CALL AARON FOR A QUOTE 931.842-6445

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DOOR GAP 1/16"

AMERICAN SECURITY (AMSEC)____________________________________

AMERICAN SECURITY has been building quality safes since 1946. They have over 400 safes in their product line. They make some very impressive GUN SAFES as well as VAULT DOORS, DOCUMENT SAFES, IN-FLOOR SAFES, HIGH SECURITY SAFES, EXECUTIVE SAFES, MONEY CHESTS, DEPOSITORY SAFES, FIRE SAFES,WALL SAFES and more!

Their BFX and BFII Series gun safes are our best selling safes. They features 1/2" plate steel doors, Dry-Light fire insulation, 1 1/2" locking bolts, mirrored back wall, premium door organizer, Commercial grade ball bearing hinges, Double step doors, and much more. Go back to the drop down menu under "Products" to see more.




RHINO SAFES/ IRONWORKS SAFES- IDAHO ______________________________________


Part art, part furniture, and all security, IRONWORKS™ safes look like something out of the late 1800’s, yet feature their newest and most advanced locking system. These safes are hand antiqued and distressed to accentuate the natural grain and variations in the steel, and give a well worn look. No two are exactly alike. The interior is upholstered with faux leather fabric to complement the antiqued exterior. The advanced F-4™ locking system protects your valuables with a patented tungsten carbide drill protection plate, drive and a patent pending anti-tamper clutched handle. system with numerous anti-drill, anti-punch features 

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Rhino Safes

AMERICAN SECURITY SAFE CO. _______________________________________

Looking to protect those important files from theft and fire? Parker's can help. We offer quality fire-rated and high security rated file cabinets. We deliver, install, and service.

Call Aaron for more information


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Gardall Safes provide a diverse range of safes from small fire rated hotel type safes and pistol safes to larger jewelry and gun safes. With many options and prices from which tho choose, Gardall has you protected!

PARKER'S SAFES stocks a number of Gardall products and has some of the most competitive prices in the country. Yep, we'll ship to you too!

Founded in 1950, Gardall Safe Corporation was primarily known for being a northeast regional dealer-based safe manufacturer and stayed that way for the first 15 years of its existence.

In the years from 1970-1985 Gardall focused its effort on product development and improving the quality of its safes. During that timeframe, many of our safes passed U.L. tests for fire, drop and explosion requirements. In addition, we introduced many new products to our product offering.

From 1986 through today, Gardall has transformed its business to a distribution model with 55 distributor warehouses across the U.S. and over 3,500 retail dealers. Gardall has become a recognized world leader in residential, small business, and commercial grade safes. The quality and integrity established in the 70’s/80’s continues today.

Modern manufacturing designs allow Gardall to continue to be recognized for its security and function. Since 1995 Gardall has been recognized three different times as a premium selection by Consumers Digest magazine. We are proud of our history and committed to providing the best security products in our industry. - (From Gardall's site)

TITAN Security Pistol Safes and Ammo boxes

These are American-Made, high quality, reliable, versatile, pistol safes without electronic locks. Check out the video to see these unique safes in action.

There are a lot of great safes and great safe companies out there but

what if you want something that is unique to your personal security


We can help!

If a custom built safe is more your style, we can have it built.

One of our recent customers wanted more security in his safe than most residential safes provide so we designed a custom safe with features like torch-proof, stainless steel door plating, a door that was 3/4 inches thick, stainless steel custom made bolts, a 1/4" plate steel body, ceramic fire cladding (increasing his fire rating temp to around 2400 degrees), a smaller safe built inside the first, custom aromatic cedar interior, and a bunch of re-locking devices. This safe was not inexpensive, it cost around $8,000, but his valuables are safe. Really safe. Along with additional security features, we can also provide custom sizes, unique internal layouts, custom paint jobs and logos and just about anything you can imagine. One customer even has a wine rack built inside his safe! We'll usually be able to deliver and install your custom safe to Tennessee and surrounding states but if not, we can arrange for shipping.

VAULT DOORS and ESCAPE HATCHES_________________________________________________

A vault is often a better option than a safe. Not only does it give you plenty of space, you can use it as a safe room or storm shelter. Parker's offers high-quality vault doors with many options including in-swing or out-swing openings, ceramic fire cladding, commercial grade hinges, plate steel doors and more.

Give Aaron a call and turn a room into a vault!


Modular vault rooms and storm shelters like these can be made to nearly any size. They have emergency egress latches, ventilation systems, and can be wired for electric. The panels in these modular vaults can be carried and bolted together easily allowing the vault to be assembled almost anywhere.

Call Aaron for more information of this security option.


IN-FLOOR SAFES___________________________________________________________________

Out of sight, out of mind right?

If you have some smaller valuables that you'd like to store securely and stealthily, then an IN-FLOOR SAFE is a great option. These safes are buried in the concrete. The door cover is then hidden under a rug, appliance, or piece of furniture.

These safes are virtually undetectable yet offer greater convenience and accessibility than a safe deposit box. (Not to mention the probate court vs. safe deposit box legal nightmare)

PARKER'S SAFES and VAULTS of Tennessee offers these safes and many others at a very fair price. We also INSTALL these safes-something very few safe companies offer. They can be installed as the concrete is being poured or years later by cutting through the concrete and encasing them in fresh concrete. If you'd like some more information on this security option, please give me a call. 

Aaron- 931.842-6445

Thanks for having a look!

WALL SAFES_______________________________________________________________________

Wall Safes provide that hidden storage solution for your valuables. Just like in the movies, these safes can be installed in a wall and hidden behind a picture or other wall hanging. Although usually not fire-rated, these safes do allow quick access to your often used valuables.  

STORM SHELTERS_______________________________________________________________

Tornadoes aren't much fun unless you're one of those crazy storm chasers. We can provide shelters in many sizes suitable for most families and friends. They anchor to the concrete with hardened steel bolts providing plenty of security. Parker's Safes and Vaults can deliver and install your shelter.